[Northkeep] A few of my Favorite Things...er People

Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Thu May 24 12:56:10 PDT 2001

I have so many "favorite" things in the SCA, I guess
that is what keeps me coming back for more and more
and more1 But there are 2 things that stand out at the
top of the list...

The night I got my AoA-- no, it wasn't ancient in the
history of Ansteorra, and it wasn't at the best of
times in the history of Ansteorra.. it was at Northern
Regional Tribute last year. The court where tempers
were flairing, and you couldn't hack the tensions away
with a pick-axe. My family and most of my really close
friends weren't there.  I was extatic, but a little
saddened by it at the same time.  Upon taking my leave
of Their Majesties, I went out on to the front porch
of the hall at Cimmeron.  My dear friend Lucan was
followed by HE Uriah as we went outside.  Lucan
smiled, and as a lead-in said, "that's great, Mir, but
it won't get you in Valhala." To which of course,
Uriah smiled and sang his anthem of a song.  TO ME!!!!
I was on cloud 9!
 It was a really really cold WinterKingdome, oh say 5
years back? It was out at Will Roger's-- and bitter
bitter cold.  We had gotten one of the cabins all the
way back in the woods, and set to work early afternoon
Friday getting it ready.  There were maybe 10 of us
sharing it. By saturday afternoon the place looked
grand! There was a roaring fire in the fireplace, the
mantle held crossed swords and candles, there was a
really nice rug on the floor, there were wall hangings
covering the unused bunks, we had our benches and home
made chairs, and all the mundanity was covered.  It
was just smokey enough that it gave a "rustic"
apearence, without being stifling.  I remember going
up to the hall for something, a long walk.  I was
shivering as I came to the door.  Lucan opened it in
full court garb and cloak, behind him all that I could
see was period. It was really increadible. That was a
true "moment" for me.

Thanks for reading if you did.

who now is sitting and remembering all of the really
good times. Thanks Robert!

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