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Smiling from the desert as well.....those are a few memories I have as

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> I've been playing for several years. (Guardian will be 11).  I thought I'd
> share the moments that have been engraven on my heart from this wonderful
> Land.
> My first Wolfstar.  Duchess Michaela had a cherry stem tying contest.  I
> remember the smile on her face when she withdrew her cherry stem first
> showing the neatly tied knot and I remember the shock on her face when
> a few seconds later I withdrew mine.  I (by luck) had drawn a longer stem
> and was able to tie two knots.
> My second Wolfstar.  Duchess Michaela wouldn't let me participate in the
> contest.
> My first war.  It was War of the Staked Plains.  It was also my 21st
> birthday.  We had a blast.  It was also my first out of Kingdom event.
> Beltane, 6 years ago.  I met this wonderful man.  He had the words to a
> that I wanted.  Being new to the Bardic arts at that time, I had no other
> ideas where to find songs.  I asked him Saturday night if I could get the
> words from him.  I got his phone number and called him the Wednesday
> following.  A year and half later, we were married.
> WinterKingdom this past.  I was deputized to assist the Minister of
> Children.  Of course, Castellan coming up will be my first chance to step
> and pull some weight as Deputy MoC...and I'm planning some GREAT fun for
> heirs of Ansteorra.
> I have several other wonderful memories of events and friends and people
> have touched my life.  Many are too personal to mention here.  But I'd
> to thank you all for allowing me this little tiptoe down memory lane.  And
> when I go home and begin to pack for Castellan, I know that the memories
> will come flooding back with each piece of garb I touch.  Again, I thank
> for this break in the mundane.
> In Continuing Service to the Dream,
> ~Adalia Nyx VonDerBerg~
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