[Northkeep] A message from their excelencies Northkeep

Frank Howerton hoefish at hotmail.com
Mon May 28 22:44:53 PDT 2001

  Are their Excellencies going to Castellan? More importantly, are they
setting Troll or am I  :)

The Hungus

>From: "Jerry and Teresa Herring" <herring at rectec.net>
>Reply-To: northkeep at ansteorra.org
>To: <Northkeep at ansteorra.org>
>Subject: [Northkeep] A message from their excelencies Northkeep
>Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 22:59:54 -0500
>Greetings to the Populace,
>Their Excellencies Thorgrim and Sigen Baron and Baroness Northkeep will be
>in attendance at the Populace meeting this Wednesday to deliver their side
>of the issues and answer any question.
>I ask that everyone if at all possible please attend. If you need
>or information about our next Populace meeting please contact me privately.
>In Service,
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