[Northkeep] Tamberlin

Kathy Herndon kathy-herndon at utulsa.edu
Tue May 29 15:50:07 PDT 2001

>what happened on your way back? i hope to see you at castellan.

On the way down we got a speeding ticket (letting Etienne talk about
heraldry while driving is not a good idea).  On the way back, our
transmission died (there was a little place to add oil to the
differential that no one at the garage knew about, so no one ever
added oil, so it dried out, seized up, and tore the transmission to
pieces, in the middle of the night on the Indian Nations Turnpike).
All in all, that trip cost us about $1400.  :-(


P.S.  Hope to see you at Castellan, too!

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