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Wed May 30 18:23:10 PDT 2001

on 5/29/01 11:11 PM, Anthony Lackey at catan at webzone.net wrote:

> Those of you with cash burning a hole in your pockets & dreams of garb to
> die for check out this site.
> Catrin

And if you can drag yourself away from the fabric there are many other
beautiful and wonderful items to be had.  Anawyn--did you check out the
fragrances?  Anyone with a Russian or Byzantine persona or interest should
really check this out.


> Vicki Marsh wrote:
>> Pretty nice web site.  Scroll down for "flax" material.  I think they mean
>> linen.  Also a great source for making church vestments for the nice
>> churches that let us use their site.
>> Xene-Bob says: "Check it out"
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>> Subject: [SCAbyzantine] Unbelievable Brocades
>> When I was doing some research, something caught my attention.  It
>> has been said that many modern church garments are
>> direct  "descendants" of Byzantine clothing. I thought of looking for
>> fabrics that chuch vestments might be made from and happened on this
>> site.       http://www.istok.net
>> If you scroll down the main page and click on vestment fabrics, you
>> will be on your way.  Many of the brocades are not, in my opinion,
>> overly religious, but they are all beautiful. Pricy, though.  They
>> also have silks and other fabrics
>> Thea
>> p.s. I posted some other sites to the egroups links page tonight if
>> you are interested.
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