[Northkeep] Lighting For Troll?(moths)

Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Thu May 31 11:13:23 PDT 2001

Um given the infestation of moths lately (did we do
something to get this plague??) I was wondering if
moth protection was considered for Troll?  I was over
at Susan's and cought the news story about a moth trap
a couple of days ago....

Take a 2L bottle and cut off the top third of the
bottle off. Invert it and stable it to the botton (so
it forms a sort of enclosed funnel).  Then pour in
beer and put it where you have the problem, the moths
get stuck and then die.


--- Ren Picard <kateryne_la_esclopiera at juno.com>
> Robert,
> I will be happy to do troll for one of the late
> shifts.  Just let me know
> when you have a "late" spot open and I will be there
> for you.
> Ryn
> Kateryne la Esclopiera
> Il est bon d'etre laganse!
> (It's good to be the gimp!)
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