[Sca-cooks] Appetizer

Bhadra bhadradharma at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 10:26:56 PST 2008

Remember when I was asking a while back about period appetizers
because I was expected to provide one for a potluck at our event?

I got a ton of great advice, did a bunch of research and when the time came
I had about 5 minutes to get ready because I had been on Silent Auction duty
all day.
(it was a huge success by the way)

I had purchased 
3lb of green grapes  
3lb of red grapes (all seedless)
a bag of apples, 
a bag of oranges, 
a small wheel of brie, 
a wedge of asiago
and some gargonzola. 

I had brought a steak with us for our own eating pleasure
and I had 
1onion (which I knew better than to use because our king is allergic to
2 potatoes and 
1 clove of garlic 
These were in my Kitchen kit with me.I'd intended those for our own meals.

We had bought a new campstove...not a Coleman 
and I had a grill for it.

The night before I had this dream...here's where it gets a little wild.

So the next day I was determined to try out the recipe I saw myself cooking
in my dream.

It was fairly simple.

the steak I'd brought was not much (about 4 ounces)
 but I cut it into thin strips
I grilled it in copious margerine 
(I don't use butter, because of cost...yup, I know that isn't period)
I had rubbed into the steak 

Italian seasoning, 
ground coriander, 
a little cinnamon and a light dust of sumac.
no, I don't measure, I go by feel, smell, sound and sight.

at the last minute I added a little red wine, 
and sprinkled it with gargonzola and pine nuts 
and let them melt in a little.

I served it on a silver platter.

I served the grapes, apples and oranges in a big basket
and the asiago and brie on a platter with wheat thins.

Result: The steak was gone mere breaths after I set down the platter.

I got two strips of it and it was really delicious. 
I wanted more and I usually only find fault with my own cooking.

Does anyone know whether this was a period recipe I used or if there are any
references to it anywhere.

Does anyone else get recipes in their dreams and see themselves making
dishes or am I just crazy here?

Thank you all for all the help and advice you gave me on this before this
I think my appetizer was well received because it was gone so fast.


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