[Sca-cooks] Archaeologists Unveil Finds in Rome Digs

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I got to the following via iWon, but have seen it from other sources...

A sixth-century copper factory, medieval kitchens still stocked with
pots and pans, and remains of Renaissance palaces are among the finds
unveiled Friday by archaeologists digging up Rome in preparation for a
new subway line. Archaeologists have been probing the depths of the
Eternal City at 38 digs, many of which are near famous monuments or on
key thoroughfares. 

Over the last nine months, remains - including Roman taverns and
16th-century palace foundations - have turned up at the central Piazza
Venezia and near the ancient Forum where works are paving the way for
one of the 30 stations of Rome's third subway line. 

"The medieval and Renaissance finds that were brought to light in Piazza
Venezia are extremely important for their rarity," said archaeologist
Mirella Serlorenzi, who is working on the site.


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