[Sca-cooks] Menu for A Day in the Middle East

Elaine Koogler kiridono at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 20:40:49 PDT 2008

OK, since it's been brought up...I have finalized my menu for our upcoming
event, A Day in the Middle East.  I'm sort of in a state of shock because
here we are almost two weeks out and the feast is sold out!!!  This NEVER
happens, at least in our Barony.  I attribute it to the fact that Her
Majesty will be there and our Kingdom Clerk Signet will be elevated to the
Order of the Pelican.  But I have to admit that a tiny part of me wants to
think that it's at least partly due to the reputation the event has
generated for the food.

But, for those interested, here's the menu:

  *Feast: *

Appetizer: Etli Yaprak Dolmasi (meat stuffed grapeleaves) (Turkey)
Soup: Bogda çzorba—Wheat berry soup (Turkey)
Meat: Salma (lamb/pasta dish) (Turkey)
Kavurma (Fricassee of Chicken) (Turkey)
Sumak summaqiya (Fish [tilapia] with Sumac) (Persia)
Veggies: Muzawwara (lentils with additional veggies)* (Persia)

Jannâniyya (the Gardener's Dish) (variety of veggies)*

Sweet: Cakarli Borak (Mutbaq--14th c. Arabic Stuffed Pastry) * (Turkey)

**Mezze: (Sideboard, starts around 12 - 1 p.m.)*

Bread: Ain i Akbari (Mughal, 16^th c.)*
Hummus Kasa*
Lift Mukhallal (Pickled turnips)*
Panir (fresh homemade cheese) in apricot paste**
Sals Abyad*
Shiraz Laban bi buqui (thickened yoghurt with herbs)**
Zaitun Mubakhkhar (Smoked Olives)*
White Sals (a kind of hummus made with walnuts)*
Badinjan Muhassa (eggplant with walnuts)*
Assorted nuts, dried and fresh fruit

* Mezze Sweets*:
Minted Grapes*
Rutab Mu'assal*
Subhani (apricots with marzipan)*
Dafâir (braided bread with sauce)**
Hais (dates, nuts, breadcrumbs made into balls, dusted with sugar
Khabisa with Pomegranite**

**Mezze Drinks**: (also available during the feast)
Cherry Sharbat
Rose Sharbat
Lemon-ginger drink
Pomegranite drink/sharbat
Variety of teas


** Vegetarian—may contain milk, milk products or butter.

Many of the recipes come from SCA sources like Urtatim and Cariadoc.  The
Turkish dishes are from the e-book that Dame Hauviette is working on.
Needless to say, I cannot share those recipes.  However, any of the others
are available if anyone wants them.

So...let me know what you think!!


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