[Sca-cooks] roman feast / Apicius

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Wed Mar 19 16:23:39 PDT 2008

<< Going from memory here, ISTR that Vehling was using a very 

redacted (in the true sense) manuscript from the 15th? 16th? century. 

In other words, he was not using the oldest available source, but one 

which had undergone many changes over the centuries. >>

Could you please try to recall or to look up where you got this?

<< his translation of an already flawed source >>

Just in case there are the changes you mentioned, are

all of them "flaws"? I mean, in the field of cookbooks, there

is much change, deletion, addition, change of sequence etc., which

is not at all unusual.

<< The original manuscript is not in Classical Latin >>

Which manuscript are you speaking about? Which one do you 

consider the "original" one. The one

in the New York Academy of Medicine (ninth century), the

one in the Vatican library (ninth century) or the one in 

Paris (eighth century). Certainly, there must have been

older manuscripts now lost.

<< in which words might look familiar but would have 

different meanings from the Classical, as well as new words 

whose meanings would not be in one's standard Classical 

Latin dictionary. >> 

Could you please provide a few examples?


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