[Sca-cooks] Cleaning plastic and wooden cutting boards

Liz Wilson ewilson618 at tx.rr.com
Thu Mar 20 08:12:09 PDT 2008

Out of Period but still applicable:
As a relataively experienced cook but a newbie SCA person, I am not
the greatest on care of my equipment.  I have some plastic cutting boards
that over time had become stained and I soaked them in bleach/water/white
vinegar in the sink, then I am running them through the dishwasher.   Is this
going to be enough to sterilize them so I can keep using them, or should I
just replace them?  Keep in mind that I am cheap and broke right now.
Also, what should I do to refurbish my fairly dried out wooden cutting boards, 
and what do you allrecommend that you use plastic vs. wooden cutting
boards for?  I had always heard to use the plastic for meat because it could
be cleaned easier.

Christianna in Texas (where the storms were bad but not nearly
as bad as in Atlanta)

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