[Sca-cooks] Chawettys meatloaf

Amy Cooper amy.s.cooper at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 13:51:26 PDT 2008

Tonight is our shire's feast night. Anymore, I'm about the only person
coming out regularly and doing period cooking. I decided to try something
different tonight, and found the translation of Chawettys in To Take a
Thousand Eggs, Vol 2. I can't call this a true redaction, as I messed with
the recipe to turn it into meatloaf instead of a meat pie (I REALLY REALLY
hate working with pastry, of any sort). Plus, per usual, I didn't measure a
darn thing this time around (maybe next time).

Here's what I did:

Last night - soak about a cup each of currants and pre-minced dates in cheap
but supposedly good (I don't drink it) red wine

Mix approximately equal amounts of ground veal, beef, and pork, probably
about 1 lb each (I was breaking down Costco-size packs, and left about 1/3
each for the loaf)
Add two eggs, a couple tablespoons or so of dried ground ginger, quite a bit
of ground cloves (done in my mortar/pestle), around 1/3 gram of saffron,
soaked briefly in a little hot water, and a couple teaspoons of mace, and
seasoned with salt and pepper. Then I added in the rest of the currants and
dates (I bought about 1 big bulk bin scoop of each), and more red wine. It
took a couple of tries, testing by frying small bits in the fry pan, but I
think I got it. Not sure what the saffron is supposed to do, but it tastes
nicely clove-y and a bit of ginger. I think it'd make a FANTASTIC sausage,
assuming I could get the right meat/fat ratio for texture. I formed it into
a long loaf on a foil lined cookie sheet, and am waiting for the oven to
heat up to 325. I'll report back tomorrow with how it turns out, and what
folks thought of it at Shire :)

I'm quite tickled about working from just a translation for the first time!!


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