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<<< Magpies

> How do you cook them and what do they taste like?

I would guess that they are cooked in the same fashion as other small  
birds.  Generally roasted whole (because cutting them up would be a  
complete waste of time). >>>

birds-recipes-msg (30K)  2/17/08    Bird recipes. Squabs, pheasants,  

<<< we have a LOT of magpies local.  They are trash and carrion  
eaters, mostly scavenging on garbage cans and dumpsters.

I would put them in the same category as I have for frogs, alligators  
and snakes as things I would consider if I were starving and there  
was nothing else available.  Yes I have eaten all of the above.  I  
would prefer not to have to try any of the above again. >>>

frogs-msg         (20K)  4/29/06    Medieval and period frog recipes.  

Alligators are New World, right? Do we have any period recipes or  
indications of them eating Crocodile?  Perhaps in the Middle Eastern  
cookbooks? What about snake?

Okay, there are several mentions of eating snake in the exotic-meats- 
msg file in the Florilegium including this:
"<< Do we actually have extant period recipes for snake? >>

Wiswe (Kulturgeschichte der Kochkunst, p. 72) quotes what seems to be a
recipe for a sick dish for lepers from Taddeo Alderotti: a certain
mountain snake cooked with leek, dill and salt, cut to pieces, then
prepared as "pastillus vel zaldellum" or as small tarts ("tortelli")
with parsley and dill.

The reference according to Wiswe: page 191  at  Taddeo Alderotti: I.
Consilia. Ed. Giuseppe Michele Nardi. Torino 1937."

<<< again, this is just me ... others may have different views >>>

Apparently. :-)

I have also had all three. They taste rather similar, but there  
wasn't much meat on the rattlesnake.

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