[Sca-cooks] Magpies

Linda Peterson mirhaxa at morktorn.com
Tue Mar 4 10:34:45 PST 2008

For some reason this conversation puts me in mind of a line from one of 
the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries, in which the director of a posh resort 
hotel, at the murderee's inquest where the body is described as much 
damaged by crabs after recovery from sea, makes himself a mental note to 
take crustaceans off the menu for the foreseeable future.
   mirhaxa at morktorn.com

On Tue, 4 Mar 2008, Stefan li Rous wrote:
> I'd kind of assume, though, that Europeans would be turned off by the
> whole, um, non-docile man-eater thing... >>>
> Why do you say that? Wouldn't bear fit that "non-docile man-eater
> thing" and if I remember right, we do have a couple of recipes for
> bear meat.

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