[Sca-cooks] Crocodile was Magpies

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 4 13:37:51 PST 2008

>  Virtually every edible 
> item in traditional Chinese culture is associated with some sort of 
> supposed medical benefit.

and so it is!  But know your supplier:

*Hong Kong conmen pass off snakes and lizards as crocodile meat*
/ */Earthtimes/*/ (Earthtimes.org), 14 November 2007

Crocodile meat fanciers in Hong Kong are being tricked into buying dried 
lizard and snake when they go to shops to order the reptile, consumer 
watchdogs have found. Of 24 samples collected from shops by the Hong 
Kong Consumer Council, only eight were genuine crocodile meat while the 
rest were much cheaper dried lizard or snake. Crocodile meat is used as 
a traditional Chinese medicine for asthma and respiratory illnesses. The 
Consumer Council recommends people ask for a receipt. If a shop refuses 
to give a receipt that states clearly it is crocodile meat, then they 
should be suspicious about its origins.

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