[Sca-cooks] Food and personality

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 21:43:35 PST 2008

    Lets not get this subject onto the magpie dilemma. We all know that 
if we need the scientific name for a plant we can find in in google. The 
question stems from my anthropologist daughter who had to spend some 
weeks in the mountains of Nicaragua with a poor family through her 
university. She was very lucky because she was given a whole bedroom to 
herself, a bed and the family pig who slept under it as apposed to other 
students who caught fleas from the children with whom they had to sleep 
on floors in neighboring areas. The chickens at daughter's house slept 
in the kitchen and the children in the living room. Every morning the 
mother went out of the house and scratched the earth to dig up what 
beans she could find. Ok?
     Now lets rewind to the Middle Ages look at to my bello friend from 
Secilia scratching his earth. Why is he so chilled out eating the same 
beans my uptight Philip II specimens of people in Spain are scratching 
out of their earth? The peasant in England ate bread and pork fat the 
same as the peasant in northern Spain. So what's the difference between 
the English diet and that of the Spaniard that affects personality?
    A Chinese friend told me that they have slitted eyes because the eat 
so much rice they have trouble going to the bathroom. Yeah. . . , I 
guess a life time in such conditions could change a personality. . .
Bye for now,

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