[Sca-cooks] crocodiles and magpies

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Wed Mar 5 13:37:29 PST 2008

This also turns up in a paper in JSTOR that talks about religion and the 
meaning of tears.
And when I search it, it comes up under crocodile tears.
So where is this City of Apollo or the Tenterites?
Apparently it's below Thebes on the Nile. The Tenterites are discussed
in Hakluytus Posthumus: Contayning a History of the World in Sea.
They are also discussed by George Sandys in his
1610 book of travels. See Andrew Hadfield's Amazons, Savages, and 
Machiavels. It's said that they eat the flesh of those they catch and
sell the hides to merchants.


Cindy Renfrow wrote:
> Also, I found a reference to eating crocodile in The Book of Beasts, 
> being a translation from a Latin bestiary of the Twelfth Century, ed. 
> by T.H. White, rpt. Dover, NY, 1984, footnote p. 159:
> "…Aelian informs us, in the second century, that 'the people of the 
> City of Apollo, who are a division of the Tenterites, catch crocodiles 
> in a drag net, and having hung them up on persea-trees, they beat them 
> with many blows and flog them as men are flogged, while the animals 
> whimper and shed tears; then they cut them down and feast on them.'"
> HTH,
> Cindy Renfrow
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