[Sca-cooks] magpie / Athenaeus

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Wed Mar 5 15:43:16 PST 2008

But according to the English Encyclopedia by Charles Knight  
(1867), p. 148 :
"P. cordata of Ray,  Corvus Pica of Linnaeus, our common Magpie, or  
Pianet, is,  there is hardly any doubt, the Κιττα of the Greeks."  It  
goes on to say that the word for Jay in Aristotle is Μαλακοκρανενς   
(-or something similar. The type is too small for me to see clearly.)  
Κιττα is the word used by Athenaeus.  >>

I have no greek letters in my mail device, but 

"kittai" (pl.) seems to be the word we are talking about.

I wonder, if there may be some change in Greek scholarship

from 1867/1928 to 1987 as for the bird's name. There is

no footnote pointing to some kind of discussion of the question

in my edition. But I wonder why they revised the text. I mean, 

they may have some reason to do so.


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