[Sca-cooks] Opinions, documentation, rants and flames RE: Crocodile was Magpies

Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Thu Mar 6 12:32:24 PST 2008

Really, it is a simple solution to all of this.  If you are putting together
a potentially plausible suggestion that might or moght not have happened . .
. tell us at the outset.  If you are giving a supportable assertion, then
say that.

In the world of email, where our "foodie-sense" cannot tingle from
impressions across hundreds or thousands of miles . . . and days of time . .
. we cannot always tell if someone is poppingof with some wack-job idea and
touting as gospel . . .or just musing about some stuff buzzing around in
his/her creative head and tossing out for discussion.

Make it crystal clear, and everyone understands.

The collected community is sensitive to assertions out of left field without
disclaimer that the author knows it is potentially unsupported or
unsupportable.  Too many wize @sses have come in thinking to rewrite the
documented history of food only to get into hissy conniption fits and rant
away never to be heard from again.  Many more have some in, wrestled in the
arena for some years, learned some, taught some and come away the better for
it.  I claim membership in the latter . . .won some and lost more struggles.
Learned from 'em all.  He/she who shuns the struggle shuns the prize of
struggle . . . growth, strength and wisdom.

He who shuns the useless struggle has time and energy to watch Thunder Cats
on television!

niccolo difrancesco
(haven't seen a really good flame in a couple years since that guy who
couldn't spell too well when he was b at stardizing people.)

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