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Ilsebet asked:
<<< I'm making some (ok maybe a lot of) food,
and one dish I wanted to do was cheese goo. This is mostly because I've
never had it NOT taste good on something.

I was going to use Cariadoc's redaction - it's the one I've
always used. However, whenever I've tried to keep it warm for a long  
or reheat it, it always separates on me. >>>

First, I really recommend using a bowl or crock pot to hold cheese  
goo. If you hold it in your hands it tends to leak through your  
fingers and get on everything...

There are quite a number of ways to interpret the recipe. My barony  
had a food competition one time just using the Digby recipe as the  
starting point. There was a surprisingly large number of variations  
that were reasonable, on top of the variations mentioned in the  
original recipe.

For some redactions and variations see this Florilegium file. There  
are also some other period recipes which are similar but which are  
not Digby's recipe. Cheese goo will tend to separate, although  
getting it mixed well originally helps. I there is some discussion  
about this in this file as well.

cheese-goo-msg    (44K) 10/31/06    Digby's Savory Tosted cheese.  
melted cheese.

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