[Sca-cooks] magpies

Cindy Renfrow cindy at thousandeggs.com
Fri Mar 7 07:16:36 PST 2008

>>  So I would say this is just a case of a lazy translator who assumed
>> that jays and magpies are the same species.

I object to the term 'lazy'.  Dr. Charles Burton Gulick, Eliot 
Professor of Greek Literature at Harvard University devoted more than 
25 years of his life to bringing us the writings of Athenaeus . His is 
a truly wonderful side-by-side Greek/English translation that is fully 
annotated and indexed. This colossal work was based on extant 
manuscripts that were necessarily collated, and he takes the trouble to 
reference and explain the many ancient citations buried in the text.

I have the 1958 volume VII index for the entire work. The word 'jay' 
does not appear in the index. The citation for vol. II page 107 is 
listed under 'magpie'.


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