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I vote long day.? :-))? Mine too.? Whether a lark or not, her fellow professors are asking her to do a presentation on "medieval hospitality".? It started as what was american hospitality, southern hospitality, what those differences were, and when they started.??She is not entirely sure when it became her job to inform?the local?professors on what just was and wasn't "hospitable".? She sent me a link on Irish hospitality (http://ehr.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/long/120/489/1358) and asked about Scottish and Welsh.? One of the local professors was extolling alcoholic beverages as absolutely necessary.? Being a good sport, she is undertaking the challenge.


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Sorry, I'm confused: is she looking for the Scots and Welsh versions  
of something like the Brehon Laws and their applications in American  

Or is the American history part not connected, or what?

It's been a long day, maybe I'm missing some obvious connection...

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