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Aldyth asked:
<<< My student is teaching american history in Scotland and asked if  
there were any books on hospitality, scottish or welsh preferable.?  
Ideas for her? >>>

Like Adamantius, I'm not quite sure what you are looking for.

If you are looking for "commercial" or "community" hospitality, as in  
Inns and Taverns, perhaps this Florilegium file in the ENTERTAINMENT  
section might help:
taverns-msg       (52K)  5/25/06    SCA and period taverns.

Here are two books which I point out in a message I posted in that file:
Inns, Ales and Drinking Customs of Old England
Hackwood, Frederick W.
ISBN: 1-85170-069-2
Texas Bookman

Restaurateurs and Innkeepers (Work Througout History Series)
Franck, Irene M.
ISBN: 0-8160-1451-5
Work throughout history series
Facts on File, Inc.

I'm not sure if "Old England" covers Scotland or Wales, but it may.

These files in the TRAVEL section may cover hospitality along roads  
and pilgrimage routes. Taverns and Inns are an outgrowth of what  
started out as locals providing hospitality to those traveling  
through their area.
travel-msg        (44K)  1/24/08    How much, how far, how fast did  
the medieval
                                        person travel.
On-the-Road-art   (17K)  5/16/04    "On the Road – Medieval Style" by  
Master Sir
                                        Connor MacAufflie FitzJames  
and Mistress
                                        Siobhan ni Seaghdha.
p-tourism-art     (16K)  8/ 4/02    "Tourism in the Middle Ages and  
                                         by Baron Hrolf Herjolffsen OP.
p-travl-guides-msg (10K)  9/21/04    Period travel guides.

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