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I know I've heard that, to keep melted cheese from separating, it helps if 
you put in something acidic like lemon juice. You can't taste it with all 
the cheesey flavours, and it's supposed to help a lot. I haven't tried to 
keep melted cheese warm for a long time, but when it has separated on me it 
was simply not warm enough to stick together. Usually, just putting in a 
little bit of white wine and reheating thouroughly while stirring vigorously 
works well - at least in a ceramic fondue pot (doesn't work in cast iron 
because it sticks to the bottom). But you do have to stir with every bite 
(which is also an excuse to thoroughly coat whatever you're dipping in with 
cheese) or it ends up burnt at the bottom and congealed on top.

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> I'm having a bit of a get-together this weekend, to watch Mistress
> Hauviette's appearance on Food TV. I'm making some (ok maybe a lot of) 
> food,
> and one dish I wanted to do was cheese goo. This is mostly because I've
> never had it NOT taste good on something. My plans are to serve it with
> mini-breadsticks, blanched broccoli, maybe some asparagus if it looks good
> at the grocery store, and some crackers (any other suggestions for what to
> serve it with?) I was going to use Cariadoc's redaction - it's the one 
> I've
> always used. However, whenever I've tried to keep it warm for a long time,
> or reheat it, it always separates on me. Still tastes great, but looks
> not-so-nice. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep it presentable for
> company (who will mostly be SCA folk anyways)?
> Many Thanks :)
> Ilsebet
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