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Thank you so much.? While I was looking at an exerpt online, it got me thinking about comments made this year at the Estrella Combat cooking competition.? There was alot of emphasis put on the table setting and the manner of presenting the dishes.? Another discussion point for next yrear.? I don't think it is realistic to expect the cooking teams to assemble what might be appropriate for any time and place.? It would make it easier if at least the scenario was announced prior to the competition.? Especially since it seems to be so important to the judging.


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Hospitality in Medieval Ireland, 900-1500
by Catherine Marie O'Sullivan

*Monastic Hospitality: The Benedictines in England, c.1070-c.1250
(Studies in the History of Medieval Religion) (Hardcover)*
by Julie Kerr
Scotland for the Holidays: Tourism in Scotland c1780-1939
by Alastair J. Durie

Hospitality in Early Modern England (Oxford Studies in Social History)
by Felicity Heal

Heal is a classic volume. Can't remember if she also covers Scotland and 
Wales or not.


Terry Decker wrote:
> Take a look at C.M. Woolgar; "The Great Household in Late Medieval England", 
> "Food in Medieval England, Diet and Nutrition", and "Household Accounts from 
> Medieval England."
> Although I haven't read them, you might take a look at Gerald of Wales's The 
> Journey Through Wales and The Description of Wales.
> Bear
>> I vote long day.? :-))? Mine too.? Whether a lark or not, her fellow 
>> professors are asking her to do a presentation on "medieval hospitality".? 
>> It started as what was american hospitality, southern hospitality, what 
>> those differences were, and when they started.??She is not entirely sure 
>> when it became her job to inform?the local?professors on what just was and 
>> wasn't "hospitable".? She sent me a link on Irish hospitality 
>> (http://ehr.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/long/120/489/1358) and asked 
>> about Scottish and Welsh.? One of the local professors was extolling 
>> alcoholic beverages as absolutely necessary.? Being a good sport, she is 
>> undertaking the challenge.
>> Aldyth

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