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Mike C. Baker kihebard at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 8 19:37:49 PST 2008

> I did a trial run of that sausage/apple/onion pottage that 
> was discussed earlier this winter, using granny smith apples 
> and a locally-made German-style sausage.  The results were 
> tasty, but not spectacular.  The flavor of the sausage just 
> sort of disappeared into the flavor of the onions and apples 
> and spices.
> I'm thinking that another kind of sausage, one more highly 
> spiced, or perhaps smoked?, might be a better choice for this 
> dish, which I hope to bring to a potluck feast in a couple of 
> weeks.  Any suggestions? I know some other list members have 
> made this dish, so I'd love to hear what kind of sausages 
> were used....
> --Maire

Opinion only -- I have not attempted the pottage myself, or enjoyed the
fruit of other hands that I recognize as this dish...

1. Find milder onions or reduce the amount if they are unwittingly
overwhelming the sausage.  
1a. Ditto the apples -- perhaps a mushier, less-strongly flavored
variety -- or, considering the current season, begin with dried apples?

2. "properly" smoked sausage might certainly help.  Perhaps a drier /
less fatty type, such as is represented by commercially available

3.  "locally-made German-style" is almost a null descriptor.  Is this a
sausage where you normally taste the (black) pepper and other spices, or
is it one of those wimpy wannabe sausages where the hand on the spice
grinder was significantly restrained?  I have recently (last two months
or so) had a German "ring sausage" where the black pepper was strong,
visible, yet not overpowering.  Previously I have also had "German
sausage" that had no visible pepper and correspondingly little pepper in
the flavor.

Amra, Kitchen Idiot

Adieu, Amra / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe

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