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Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Sun Mar 9 13:41:58 PDT 2008

Went as well as it could. She's healing well, all things considered- I
got to watch them apply the fiberglass cast Friday- now THAT is
some interesting material, for artistic purposes ;-) The colors are
unreal- makes me want to break every bone in my body ;-). Interesting
stuff too- it starts to harden as soon as air hits it- exothermic- but
it takes half an hour or so. But, when water hits it, it only takes 10
minutes. Can anyone say, "armor" ?


I've GOT to get myself some. Of the colors available, Mom picked hot
pink, and it's the shriekingest hot pink I've ever had the privilege
of coveting ;-)

But, other than my joy in discovering a new toy, things went very well
with my Mom.

The fractures are nasty, although they seem to be healing well. She
was going up her front steps, foot slipped,
and she fell backwards, trying to catch herself with her left arm. She
landed on it, and broke the humerus at the shoulder, just below where
it starts to swell into the joint, very jaggedly and pointedly, and
the end shot out through the outside of her arm (fortunately- many
fewer veins and nerves to tear up), and snapped the radius and ulna in
the equivalent area of the wrist- fortunately simple-ish closed
fractures there. But think about it- very difficult to immobilize both
areas at once.

Anyway, the flesh wound got an excellent set of stitches- I was
impressed- and is healing nicely, and the bones are staying where they
should, which is very chancy with something like this, so they took
her out of the splint yesterday, and put a cast on her forearm. She's
a lot more comfortable. She still can't move the arm, since it's
strapped tightly to her body, but I managed to get her extra help,
paid for by Medicare et al, since I had to come back up here. Things
seem to be as good as they could be, considering.

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> Welcome back Phlip!
> How's your mom doing?
> Phillipa
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