[Sca-cooks] hedgehog gourmets

Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Mon Mar 10 19:37:14 PDT 2008

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>Yeah I know but I am talking about medieval hunting and eating in
>reference to Celestina. This book is really funny, imagine trying to
>pick up a scared hedgehog with the bare hand and peeing all over
>yourself from the pain! Is it worth the effort for a gourmet table?

But I _have_ picked up scared hedgehogs a few times... Antonia Calvo > > > >

I owned Algerian (miniature) version as a furry companion, which weighed
just less than a pound soaking wet, and very easy to handle when scared and
rolled up . . .given a little care.  (Taxanomic names available on request)
The West European version is significantly heavier; up to 4 lbs US,
according to one website.  These would definitely cause pain and piercing of
the skin.

Depending on what it 'annointed' its spines with, it could certainly cause
searing pain with bladder release.  Why not?  The hoggie chews nasty stuff,
and flings saliva onto its quills for an awful surprise to those who brave
the quills.

niccolo difrancesco

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