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You can use dandelion (young leaves) much like spinach.  
I add a bit of vinegar or lemon (just because that is how I like it)

Believe it or not I have also used it in soups and stews.

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Old world. Colonist brought the herb over and it took over. I don't believe
anyone has tried to hybrid them :) so they probably look today like they did
long ago. Gerard lists two types with the difference being the root. One is
like what you see as common Dandelion and the other is "Knottie rooted
Dandelion". Please note that with Gerard's work one should take it with a
wee bit o' salt. Gerard's Herbal was first published in 1597.
All parts are edible, it's the area that you pick them from that you need to
be cautious about.
Medicinal, dyes, coffee substitute...etc
For salads the young leaves are best and less bitter.
It is a strong diuretic (makes you p) that doesn't seem to deplete the body
of potassium, good source of Vit. C, flushes the kidneys and liver.
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and join for more info
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Ok, don't laugh, but are dandelions old world or new world food, and does
anyone have any recipes or know how they were used?  How did they differ
from the common yard dandelions of today?  I have heard of eating them as
greens and making wine from them but no other uses.  Is it worth trying with
our current crop in the backyard or is this just an exercise in futility?
Christianna (the newbie one from Texas who mostly just lurks)
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