[Sca-cooks] rose hip soup

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Tue Mar 11 09:41:25 PDT 2008

Looking in the Concordance of English Recipes
there's Heppe which we indexed as Rosehips in Pottage
UC 37 (91)  dating from circa 1395.
This makes it from the Utilis Coquinario which is included in Curye on 

37. For to make an heppee. Take heppes & pyke out (y)e stones &
(y)e regges aboute hem, & wasch hem, & braye hem.
& tak (th)e broth of fresch beef or of capounes & tempre hem
vp withal & seth hem, & salte hem, & do (y)erto sugre & dresch
it in disches & do (y)e heppe floures aboue & serue it forth manerliche.

They also appear in the Forme of Cury in recipe 86
Sawse Sarzyne which begins " Take heppes...."


Daniel Myers wrote:
> The only medieval recipe I've come across for rose hips is this one:
> To make a Tarte of hippes. Take Hippes and cutte them, and take the  
> seedes out, and wash them verye cleane, and put them into your Tarte,  
> and season them with suger, sinamon and ginger.
> So you must preserve them with suger, Cinamon and Ginger, and put  
> them into a gelly pot close.
> [The Good Housewife's Jewell (England, 1596)]
> The last part about preserving them could be taken as your cold fruit  
> soup, I suppose.  I would assume it used a liquid as well, perhaps  
> wine - unless rose hips are exceptionally juicy, are they?
> - Doc

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