[Sca-cooks] rose hip soup

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Tue Mar 11 09:42:33 PDT 2008

The modern soup is sold in packages

        Rose Hip Soup (Nypon Soppa) - Ekstroms



Or one may find it at an Ikea.
For articles and recipes see here:

The medieval recipes are posted in the other post.


Georgia Foster wrote:
> about Rose Hip Soup.  Another gentle lady had heard of it, and I believe she discussed it as a 'cold fruit soup.  The concept was discussed to be of a period 'Viking' food, and the other lady disucssed having same in Swedish, and described it as a little slice of heaven, but it was a modern dish (she indicated she had seen it prepared from a packet "Like onion soup mix" but that she had "never seen it in the US".  Given that I have never heard of such a thing, I commenced to wondering ...

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