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Here are a few commonly accepted (and oft debated) names for various periods 
of history we are discussing.

Early Middle Ages  -- 500 to 1000 CE

Roughly the collapse of the Roman Empire to the rise of "feudal society". 
The period from 300 to 700 CE is also referred to as the Age of Migration, 
the Barbarian Invasions or the Volkwanderung.  In extreme Northern Europe, 
400 to 800 CE is the Germanic Iron Age, while in Sweden 530 to 793 CE is the 
Vendel Age.

The Viking Age is proper for the period 793 to 1066 CE, being divided into 
the Settlement Period (roughly 800-950 CE) and the Christianization Period 
(roughly 950-1066 CE).  If you don't like Viking Age, try Norse Settlement 
Period (or possibly Norse Expansion Period, although that's my take and not 
an accepted usage).

High Middle Ages --  1000 to 1300 CE.

Roughly the main period of vassalage and manorialism ("feudal society").

Late Middle Ages --  1300 to 1500 CE.

The period of modified vassalage and the rise of statism.


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> Whether it was served during the "early ages of the Norse" (I've heard too
> many complaints about the use of Dark Ages and I don't like using Viking
> Age. :\ ) I don't know, but it is plausible.

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