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Digitalis comes fron foxglove.  It was actually used
as a tea in Medieval times for people who had heart
problems.  At least that's what I've read in my herb

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> Not to ignore the comments on what I said... I have
> about a dozen herb books (medicinal uses), and need
> to scour through to find which one it was.  Once
> found, I will post the info.  
> I believe you are incorrect in this statement. 
> Digitalis is mostly derived 
> from digioxigenin (IIRC) found in members of genus
> Digitalis.
> My notes show that dandelions contain caffeic acid
> which may cause renal 
> problems and cancer when the roots are used as an
> infusion (dandelion 
> coffee).  Dandelions can also interact with
> diuretics, diabetes medications 
> (probably due to the inulin in the plant), and ulcer
> medications.
> Reactions to the plant are commonly presistent
> stomach ache and/or constant 
> diarrhea.  Occasionally there is an allergic
> reaction (skin rash, itching, 
> etc.).
> Milkweed contains alkaloids in the sap, ranging from
> irritating to extremely 
> dangerous, depending on the species.  Digitalis is
> glycoside and , to my 
> knowledge, not found in milkweed.
> I would be interested in the source(s) of your
> information, since they 
> contradict what I know and I am interested in
> determining why the 
> contradiction occurs.
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