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I would also add that the portion sizes are dependent on the time frame in
which the feast will be consumed. If the courses are spread out over
several hours you might have the 8-12 oz. of protein per person, if it is
going to be served as a dinner (most food served in 90 minutes) you might
opt for 6-8 oz per person.


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> While it may be wasteful, as long as you broke even or made a profit on
> feast, the leftovers are immaterial.  Cutting waste, however, can keep a 
> feast in the black and is a worthy goal of itself.
> When I plan a feast, I usually plan for 10 to 12 dishes (including bread)

> with a portion size of 3 to 4 ounces.  I calculate meat portions at
> roughly 
> one pound for four people.  I will normally serve 3 different meats for a

> total of 12 ounces per person.  For fewer meat dishes, I might serve one
> or 
> two ounces more in the meat portions, particularly if I were limiting the

> number of dishes overall.  Portion size of mixed dishes needs to be based
> on 
> the total weight of the ingredients.  You could probably trim my
> by 1/3 and still have a good feast with even fewer leftovers.
> For tarts and things of that ilk, I usually ignore weight and serve as 
> quarters or eighths.
> Bear
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