[Sca-cooks] Intro and Newbie question - estimating meat portions

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Wed Mar 12 07:18:27 PDT 2008

I am going to take a slightly different approach and suggest that you 
might want to join
the SCA Lochac Cooks group
Subscribe: sca-lochac-cooks-subscribe at yahoogroups.com
and ask among the cooks in Lochac how much meat per person is usual.
I know that your meat prices are quite different from ours here in the 
states and that
feasts are priced differently due to costs of food.
It could well be that there is no hard and fast rule and that each feast 
will come out differently.
Consider how meat may be served, boneless, bone in, quarter chicken or 
half chicken portions,
ready portioned in kitchen, etc. How much food is served before the meat 
course may also
determine how much is eaten? Or perhaps in this case, the diners were 
full before the beef
was served.


Tasha Derrett wrote:
> Even though I've posted once or twice before, I thought I should give  
> a quick intro this time - my SCAdian name is Eydís, and I'm part of St  
> Kessog a two year old college in the Barony of Southron Gaard in the  
> Kingdom of Lochac. I have ambitions of becoming a feast cook in part  
> because there are none in the college or in the slightly younger  
> canton in our city and the other part being I actually enjoy cooking.
> I recently helped out in the kitchen at a college event which was a  
> good experience and everyone enjoyed the feast. One thing that did  
> happen is that we overestimated the amount of beef that would been  
> needed for a roast and have ended up with a lot of leftover meat. My  
> question is what is a good way of estimating the amount of red meat/ 
> poultry/fish that is needed for a feast? Is there a standard kind of  
> portion per person? Is it affected by how many other meat dishes might  
> be in a course/at the feast?
> Eydís
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