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A more meager course will require about 1/4
>bird per person.  I've 
> done it both ways.  My preference is to avoid whole 
>birds and work with 
> pieces, thighs, breasts, drumsticks, where I can better 
>control the 
> portions.

i once asked the sam's club butcher for approx 400 chicken 
thighs.  he waivered for a moment, and then we counted a 
couple of large trays to see how many each tray averaged, 
divided, stacked and purchased.  fish-eyed stares from the 
other customers all around.

for a feast in december 1999, a small boy looked at our 
cart-o-chuck steak, and said "mommy, they must be getting 
ready for the millenium!"

ah, the joys of mass meat purchasing and living in a 
kingdom of carnivores.

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