[Sca-cooks] A curious question about the rotted meat mythos

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I just saw a bit about that on PBS...It was actually really interesting.  Apparently, the shark meat, raw, contains stuff that would poison a human being (something ammonia-related), and the prolonged, uh, process that the shark goes through renders it edible for people.  The smell's apparently pretty awful though, because of the ammonia-stuff leaching out.  The piece the fellow was using to test the doneness had an appearance (on screen) of a solid, creamy-white cheese.  Didn't look much at all like the raw stuff.
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  > Greetings list,
  > Ok I know that Rotten meat myth is a big thorn in most of our sides.  
  > But how
  > much of a myth is it really? This question comes from me watching  
  > Bizarre
  > foods which presents unusual cultural foods. recently it was on what  
  > would
  > be rotted meat to most Americans, hakarl (rotten shark meat).

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