[Sca-cooks] East European sources

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Thu Mar 13 18:13:04 PDT 2008

Actually there are travelers accounts that are published. I would start 

The rare and most vvonderful thinges which Edward Webbe an Englishman 
borne, hath seene and passed in his troublesome travailes, in the 
citties of Ierusalem, Dammasko, Bethelem [sic] and Galely: and in the 
Landes of Iewrie, Egipt, Gtecia [sic], Russia, and in the Land of 
Prester Iohn. : Wherein is set foorth his extreame slauerie sustained 
many yeres togither, in the Gallies & wars of the great Turk against the 
landes of Persia, Tartaria, Spaine, and Portugall with the manner of his 
releasement,  1600

Sir Thomas Smithes voyage and entertainment in Rushia with the tragicall 
ends of two emperors, and one empresse, within one moneth during his 
being there: and the miraculous preseruation of the now raigning 
emperor,  1605

The reporte of a bloudie and terrible massacre in the citty of Mosco 
with the fearefull and tragicall end of Demetrius the last Duke, before 
him raigning at this present. 1607


Lilinah wrote: snipped
> Well, our up-coming Kingdom level food competition (22 Mar) is for 
> any 16th C. Russian lamb dish, documentation required.
> So she changed the competition to any Russian dish using lamb, 
> hogget, or mutton, documentation required.
> Since there are no Russian cookbook from before the 16th C. either, 
> it's not a great deal more helpful.
> So any suggestions on where to get information regarding food in 
> SCA-period Russia would be helpful, doesn't have to be a cookbook...

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