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*Ahem* Slight correction;

It was the SEC Basketball Tournament, the Alabama vs. Mississippi State game, to be exact. It had gone into overtime, when the game was stopped-the storm tore a hole in the roof. The game was held up for over an hour. Alabama ended up losing by one point, dangit.

Right now, another line of storms are coming thorough. Blount County, St. Clair county and a a part of Jefferson county (just north and northeast of where I live) is under a Tornado Warning.

This is two days of these storms.

Ah, Springtime in the South...makes life interesting, indeed. 


Planning yard cleanup for in the morning...BTW, I live just East of Birmingham, Alabama.

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So far they are reporting only one life threatening injury and no
deaths. It hit downtown and Cabbagetown (neither place somewhere where
I have enough $$$ or coolness points to live). From what I have read
it could have been very, very ugly - but it wasn't.

The Dome got hit, and there was a football game going on. But the Dome
held and no-one was hurt. Houses were flattened in Cabbagetown, and
that is be a great loss because it was a very historic area of the
city - one of the few left after a rather unpleasant guest of the city
decided to burn most of it down.

Thanks for the concern, I am pretty sure that everyone is OK. Probably
the closest SCA person to the hit would be Mistress Christianna, and
hey - a miss is as good as a mile.

Serena da Riva

> Hey folks in Atlanta,
>  Are you guys ok?  I'm watching news this morning about the twister that hit
>  Atlanta last night.  It looks like it was a really serious storm, but the
>  newscasters are saying that no one was killed.  I just hope you're all ok.
>  Kiri
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