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Tue Mar 18 07:58:54 PDT 2008

Elaine Koogler wrote:
>Hi guys!
>No, I don't want to know about money, but rather the other kind.  I am
>making a braided bread-type dessert for my ME feast...it's called Daifur,
>and the ingredients for the dough are:
>1 lb semolina = 2 3/8 c
>1 1/2 c flour
>1 c water
>1 cup sourdough starter
>1 t salt
>3 eggs
>1/4 gram saffron (see note), Note: the recipe calls for a dirham of saffron
>= 3.8 grams, which is an incredible amount of saffron. If this is a scribal
>error for a danaq, it would be .6 grams. I actually used not quite half of
>that amount; but I think a danaq would work well-I do no
>1 tablespoon oil , to brush on
>oil for frying
>What I'm wondering is.....we know we can make it day before and it still
>works the day of.  How would it work to make it up the previous Sunday and
>freeze it, thawing it out, say, the morning of the event?  Would that still
>rise properly, etc.  It is a braided bread, almost like a donut type thing.
>What do the wise, yeast-bread-knowledgeable folks here think?
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You know, I have never frozen yeast dough. I know it can be done but 
I am not sure if you have to add extra yeast or not to counteract any 
potential die off from the freeze. What I do regularly is cold 
fermentation of dough. I make it a few days in advance and 
refrigerate it. I don't do this so much for convenience as I do for 
flavor development. Slow fermentation of the dough really brings out 
a ton of flavor, the first time I tried this, I was hooked.

Peter Reinhart has some very interesting thoughts on all of this in 
his book "Crust & Crumb" which is a truly excellent reference to the 
world of yeast breads and the various means of making and using 
starters and sponges.


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