[Sca-cooks] Good Basic Cooking References

Gretchen Beck grm at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Mar 18 09:23:38 PDT 2008

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> I'll second that recommendation. I own the New Basics cookbook, the Joy
> of  Cooking, various and sundry Betty Crocker and Better Homes and
> Gardens  basic cookbooks, but the one I invariably turn to is the
> Settlement  cookbook. Mine is a newish edition that was on remainder at
> Borders or  something along those lines.

I like the original Boston Cooking School Cookbook (it gives techniques and 
shopping tips, although not as many temperatures as I might like), and the 
Family Circle Encyclopedia of Cookery. It's a 19-20ish volume set published 
probably in the mid-1960s with a little bit of everything (descriptions, 
instructions, recipes, and some really odd entries like the ones for 
reindeer and racoon).  Both were left to me by my grandmother, and I used 
them both extensively when I first started really cooking for myself.

toodles, margaret

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