[Sca-cooks] Dough question

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Tue Mar 18 11:55:04 PDT 2008

Caveat.  I haven't tested this.

I would be concerned about the sourdough leavening coming up to speed after 
freezing.  The inconsistencies between starters make it difficult to judge 
precisely what would happen.  I would be tempted to pull the dough out the 
day before and give it extra time to thaw and rise.  You may have to add 
some flour and work the dough again, if it slumps.  If you have time, run a 

If you used yeast, I would recommend doubling the amount to get a 
satisfactory rise after freezing.

As this appears to be a fried bread, I would not recommend preparing the 
bread in advance and freezing it.


> Hi guys!
> No, I don't want to know about money, but rather the other kind.  I am
> making a braided bread-type dessert for my ME feast...it's called Daifur,
> and the ingredients for the dough are:
> 1 lb semolina = 2 3/8 c
> 1 1/2 c flour
> 1 c water
> 1 cup sourdough starter
> 1 t salt
> 3 eggs
> 1/4 gram saffron (see note), Note: the recipe calls for a dirham of 
> saffron
> = 3.8 grams, which is an incredible amount of saffron. If this is a 
> scribal
> error for a danaq, it would be .6 grams. I actually used not quite half of
> that amount; but I think a danaq would work well-I do no
> 1 tablespoon oil , to brush on
> oil for frying
> sugar
> What I'm wondering is.....we know we can make it day before and it still
> works the day of.  How would it work to make it up the previous Sunday and
> freeze it, thawing it out, say, the morning of the event?  Would that 
> still
> rise properly, etc.  It is a braided bread, almost like a donut type 
> thing.
> What do the wise, yeast-bread-knowledgeable folks here think?
> Kiri

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