[Sca-cooks] PAM stuff stripping off the seasoning on iron ware?

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Tue Mar 18 12:29:10 PDT 2008

Stefan li Rous wrote:
>Last Friday, Maire asked about non-stick pans and mentioned:
><<< For years, I've been making do just fine with 3 cast-iron frying
>pans, but I've recently run into some issues with using them, and
>would like to acquire a decent, 9-inch non-stick pan.  (Said reasons
>being that I've noticed that the iron pans turn some of my chicken
>dishes a really nasty grey, and also, as I'm on a diet and using a
>spray oil for scrambling eggs and the PAM stuff is stripping the
>seasoning right out of my cast iron.) >>>
>We've discussed here previously that the pan material (iron or
>copper) can change the color of the food cooked in it. But this is
>the first I've heard that using PAM or other similar spray oil
>products can strip off the, often hard won, seasoning on iron pots
>and pans.
>Has anyone else had this problem? Does it occur with just certain
>brands of spray on oil? I'm wondering if this is a warning I need to
>add to my  iron-pot-care-msg file.
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I think the problem is that a lot of these products use an alcohol in 
them, they are not just an aerosol oil. This alcohol may serve as a 
solvent to lift the polymerized oil that makes up the season on the 
cast iron. I really only use this type of product for baking, I 
haven't used them in my cast iron pans at all.

When I cook in my cast iron, I almost always use olive oil, grape 
seed oil, a little butter or (rarely) bacon or duck fat depending on 
what it is I am making. Unless I am making gumbo and then it's lard, 
lard, lard... (IMO you just can't get a proper Cajun roux without it).


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