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Hello, not sure if it was me you were refering to but i have a quail and
bacon recipe that i have used...
Small Birds (quail, grilled over coals with bacon wrapped around it)

SMALL BIRDS. Pluck dry and leave the feet, and spit through the body: and
between each

two put a piece of fat bacon tanned[70] like a leaf (or parchment page).

from Le Menegier

when I did it, i skewered 4 quail per skwer, and wrapped bacon and skewerred
90 degrees from former to make a "screen" for easy flipping over the
fire..cooks very quickly


On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 10:22 PM, Saint Phlip <phlip at 99main.com> wrote:

> OK, folks, we're starting planning for the EK Cooking Collegium, in
> June. It seems I'll be in charge of the stuff over the open fire (Gee,
> say it ain't so ;-) So, I'm looking for good period recipes that would
> lend themselves to the enterprise.
> First off, the website:
> http://www.eastkingdom.org/event-detail.html?eid=1544
> Why am I giving you this? Why, because I'd dearly love to see every
> one of you who can get there ;-) It's in New Jersey, which is
> reasonably close for those of you in Aethelmearc and Atlantia, and
> even the Eastern MK to get to, so please, join us ;-)
> Anyway, I would like suggestions from y'all. One thing I know I'll
> have is a deer, and I'll be using my stew pot to cook up a venison
> stew. I'd dearly love any period recipes anyone might have, but if
> necessary, I can put together a variation on Beef Y-stewed.
> I believe one of our new members mentioned the quail in bacon he'd
> made- I meant to ask about it at the time, but I'm asking now- where
> did you get the recipe? Is it period, or a variation on a period
> recipe? Please. tell me.
> I'm trying to talk Elisabetta into roasted rabbit, but someone else is
> suggesting chicken. I can deal with that, either way, but if someone
> has any period recipes using either ingredient, that they think would
> do well over an open fire, let me know. Gunthar, I'm already
> considering your spinning meats.
> Keep in mind, guys, that if special equipment is needed, I can build
> it. And, I can likely cook things you might not suspect over an open
> fire ;-)
> While I'm thinking mostly meats, I'd love to have some vegetable
> dishes, too- I'm truly an omnivore, and will eat anything that doesn't
> move fast enough ;-)
> Oh- one suggestion was goose, and I know where we can get duck fairly
> inexpensively, so any recipes for either would be appreciated
> Please, let me pick your warped little brains- I have a recipe for them,
> too ;-)
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