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What I was thinking about is organizing the group to carry out the task, in 
this case two feasts at once.  If there is internal dissent, then you are 
very likely to fail.  The best way to eliminate dissent is to get everyone 
on board at the beginning.  The more complex the task organization, the more 
necessary the attention to the people and the details.  From Antonia's 
description, it sounds suspiciously like the steward didn't have the 
organizational or communication skills to pull it off.

Five or five hundred, did you get what you paid for or did your fee 
subsidize someone else's goody?  I see no issue with the financial rules, as 
long as the budgeting and expenses are proportional to the price.  Having 
been involved with a couple 400-500 person feasts as a planner and baker, I 
wouldn't even try to run a two tier feast for a group that size.  Unless you 
have some serious facilities, you run into issues of kitchen capacity and 
seating without having the hassle of figuring out who should get what.

I would point out that you are using quality for cost.  An inexpensive meat 
in abundance can be of good quality, while an expensive meat in small 
portions can be of abysmal quality and vise versa.  The objective is to 
provide quantity and quality in both cases within the contraints of the 

Now you're tempting me to plan a feast of expensive ingredients at an 
affordable price, distracting me from the wedding reception munchies I'm 
preparing for this Friday.  That's just wicked, that is. :-)


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>I disagree.  There are not many options that I have seen in lists, etc 
> having a two tiered feast...and the meats will be the same just prepared
> differently...one for quantity one for quality...and what if one was 
> cooking
> for 500?  there would have to be a delineation, ot as i understand against
> the rules, tables may not have the same feast...a feast so large would 
> have
> differnt items as well. And the people who can't afford "it" want to know
> what it is and how to get it.
> Terry Decker <t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net> wrote:
>> In other words, it was a bright idea, poorly executed by the person in
>> charge.
>> >From a more practical and Machiavellian aspect, the steward failed to
>> seed
>> the idea in the populace, thus getting them to believe it was their idea
>> and
>> should  be done, or after seeding, the steward ignored the crop failure.
>> Bad form.
>> Bear
>> > The down-side:  Few people could see the point of two feasts.  The
>> > Victory Feast had definite organisational issues.  I've never had
>> > terribly detailed description of the allegedly fancier meal, but there
>> > did seem to be a lack of enthusiasm.  I think the people in the cheap
>> > seats may have got a better dinner.   It just wasn't worth the trouble.
>> >
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