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Christiane wrote:
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> >FWIW, the word used in the French is "lart" ("lard" in more modern
> >French spelling).
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>Ah-ha, so the "parchment-like" seems to be 
>referring more to the color — yellowish-brown ...
>LLardo (the cured lard salami), then?
>Still, pancetta-wrapped quail grilled over a skewer would taste marrrvelous!
>  Gianotta
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That is a possibility but probably not the only one.

Larding is a very old technique in French cooking 
and is often done now with uncured pork back fat 
or pork belly. You could use a cured product or a 
smoked one too. I don't think any of them can be 
conclusively proven one way or the other if the 
only word used without qualification in the original is "lart".

I think you could use thin slices of pork fat or 
pancetta or a similar product and probably be OK. 
The idea behind the technique is to provide fat 
to lean meat to keep it from drying out during the cooking process.

Brighid, would you care to post the original 
recipe? I'm not great at reading French but it might give me some clues.


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