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>I should have likely put some disclaimers on the list I posted.

I always try to annotate my lists, to give hints why i recommend or 
don't a particular book. Sometimes one can learn even from books with 
bad recipes.

>I am
>working towards being a completist. My copy of Vehling has long since
>disappeared, but I thought it included the original text. Can anyone
>refresh my memory?

Going from memory here, ISTR that Vehling was using a very redacted 
(in the true sense) manuscript from the 15th? 16th? century. In other 
words, he was not using the oldest available source, but one which 
had undergone many changes over the centuries.

Additionally Vehling's skills in Latin were somewhat wanting, so his 
translation of an already flawed source is not completely trustworthy.

The original manuscript is not in Classical Latin, which is what most 
people study, but in the rather changed Late Antique Period Latin, in 
which words might look familiar but would have different meanings 
from the Classical, as well as new words whose meanings would not be 
in one's standard Classical Latin dictionary.
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