[Sca-cooks] Ahem, Was Above/Below the Salt was Greetings

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Wed Mar 19 11:11:42 PDT 2008

The wedding is a rather strange mix of SCA (bride's side), tractor 
collectors (groom's side), and normal people (family) and while I have no 
problem sharing the recipes, I will warn you that they are modern.  A bunch 
of off the shelf cheese, crackers, dips, chips and veggies.  Empanadas in 
barbeque beef, ham and cheese and apple.  Cheese quesadillas.  And I'm 
thinking about doing some modern calzone for a little extra substance.

The goal is to feed an unknown number of people at the lowest possible 

The last time I did a reception it was 15th Century Italian served buffet 


> Ahem....oh, Bear (bats eyelashes winningly) when you are through with your
> planning of wedding reception munchies
> would you mind terribly taking a few moments to write me offlist and share
> some of those recipes with me?
> My wedding is in June and though it is pot luck, I still have to provide
> some munchies along with the entree, which is wild pig.
> Thanks in advance
> Sabina

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