[Sca-cooks] Above/Below the Salt was Greetings

Antonia Calvo ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
Wed Mar 19 13:00:20 PDT 2008

Terry Decker wrote:

>Five or five hundred, did you get what you paid for or did your fee 
>subsidize someone else's goody?  I see no issue with the financial rules, as 
>long as the budgeting and expenses are proportional to the price.  Having 
>been involved with a couple 400-500 person feasts as a planner and baker, I 
>wouldn't even try to run a two tier feast for a group that size.  Unless you 
>have some serious facilities, you run into issues of kitchen capacity and 
>seating without having the hassle of figuring out who should get what.

I think you'd have to be pretty strict about seating, so that the 
high-price and low-price groups are reasonably seperate and distinct.  I 
also think that in most kitchens, you could only do this by making the 
cheaper feast's menu a subset of the fancier one's. 

>I would point out that you are using quality for cost.  An inexpensive meat 
>in abundance can be of good quality, while an expensive meat in small 
>portions can be of abysmal quality and vise versa.  The objective is to 
>provide quantity and quality in both cases within the contraints of the 

Absolutely!  I've had delicious dishes that might fairly be described as 
stewed offcuts 'n' stuff and I've had pheasant that was ruined.

Antonia Calvo 
(formerly known as Adele de Maisieres)

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