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<<Anyway, I would like suggestions from y'all. One thing I know  I'll
have is a deer, and I'll be using my stew pot to cook up a  venison
stew. I'd dearly love any period recipes anyone might have, but  if
necessary, I can put together a variation on Beef Y-stewed.>>
Roo broth is a possibility (before you start thinking toddler kangaroos, it  
is a recipe for roe deer or other deer).
from Forme of Curye, 14th century
as redacted in Pleyn  Delit
Take the lire of the Deer other of the Roo; parboil it on smale  peces.  
Seethe it well, half in water and half in wyne.  Take brede  and bray it with the 
self broth and drawe blode ther-to, and lat it seeth  to-gedre with powdor 
fort of gynger other of cannell and macys, with a grete  porcion of vinegar with 
Raysons of Corante.
ca 1 lb venison, cooked or parboiled, cut into small pieces.
ca 1.5 cups  each water, red wine
0.5 cup breadcrumbs (use whole wheat or rye, the  darker the better)
0.25 tsp each ginger, cinnamon, mace
1 tsp  salt
0.25 cup vinegar (preferably red wine vinegar)
0.25 cup  currants
1 tsp Marmite or other yeast-based gravy seasoning, (in lieu of  blood)
Cover the chopped venison with wine and water; simmer for about an  hour.  
Steep the breadcrumbs in some of the broth (and the Marmite or other  
colouring), and stir into the pot, along with currants and seasonings.   Simmer for 
about five minutes more, stirring occasionally, before serving
Note, this is the redaction from the first edition of Pleyn Delit.   It's 
quite yummy stuff, though.
I keep wanting to read "Take the lire of the deer" as "take the liver of  the 
deer", but I think I asked about this once on this list and was told it was  
the meat...not sure now, it's been a LONG time since I made this.
Brangwayna Morgan

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